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Enchantment Jewels

Unique Handcrafted Jewelry 

Unique Handmade Artisan Jewelry

Using Centuries Old Techniques,

Precious Metals and a Variety of Gemstones are combined to Create

One-of-a-Kind pieces of Wearable Art

Each original piece from Enchantment Jewels combines centuries-old metallurgical techniques with artistic vision to produce truly one-of-a-kind, modern jewelry masterpieces.

I craft each piece by hand to create captivating custom jewelry that presents elegant sculptural elements with fluid, intricate designs.

These wearable art creations exhibit stunning design quality and imagination unlike any other.

Each handmade jewelry item is molded without the use of glue or solder and takes its shape with only pure craftsmanship.

The woven metal pendants begin as 14k goldfill, sterling silver or copper wires that flow around rare gems and other vibrant stones to make beautiful, creative miniature sculptures.

Every precious metal thread added to the piece builds depth and definition until the shape is complete and a stunning, signature jewel has been created.

See the different styles of wirework come to life in the gallery and find the perfect piece to compliment your original style. All my work is guaranteed, and I am happy to recreate a look of your choice. Contact me today about a custom piece or order online to own one of the featured jewels. 

Check the Galleries for different styles of wirework

Custom work is available

All my work is guaranteed

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